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We are The Smart Guys

Smart is a dealership exclusive program that provides cosmetic repairs for all those minor dents and surface marks that are unavoidable. Take the first step and sign up to your Smart Membership, and help keep your car looking as good as new.

A Smart membership will ensure you are safe in the knowledge that a range of minor damage to your car’s body panels, bumpers, interior trim, windscreen and wheels will be repaired without the need to claim on comprehensive insurance and without the need to pay the hefty insurance excess fees.

Our team of trained technicians use the latest technology to repair pressure dents in body panels, surface marks and scuffs and even scrapes on side mirror casings. We have the expertise to repair scuffs on alloy wheels and plastic hub caps, as well as repairs to stone chips on panels and windscreens.

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Smart  The Original Cosmetic Repair Program

Smart Cosmetic Repair Membership is Australia’s original dealership exclusive cosmetic repair program. We take our position as the industry leader extremely seriously, providing the most outstanding service possible. Our long standing heritage in Australia simple shows that when it comes to product and customer satisfaction – we are in it for the long haul.