No matter how careful you are, minor damage to your vehicle is inevitable. So if you’ve ever misjudged a car park and come off second best, then this membership is for you.

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Bumper Bars

We can fix your bumper bar

Damage to bumper bars is one of our most commonly request area of repair work. That’s because it is so easy to scuff your bumper bar when driving, parking or reversing. With a Smart membership you can have the damage like this to your bumper bar repaired with minimal inconvenience & cost!

What’s Covered: Repair, colour match and paint any surface marks, scuffs, scrapes or dents on any one bumper bar up to 40cm in length and 2cm in depth.


Alloy Wheels/Hub Caps

Bring your wheels back to life

Minor damage to alloy wheels and plastic hub caps on most cars can be repaired to bring them back to life. Quattro technology allows our repairers to clean, repair and re-paint the affected area on a wide range of wheels and hub caps.

What’s Covered: Repair and repaint gutter scrapes and surface marks to an alloy wheel or up to 2 hub caps.


Panel Surface Marks

Have your surface marks repaired

If you’re ever misjudged a car park and come off second best, leaving either your front or rear bumper or side mirror casing scraped or scuffed, you need a Smart membership. With the latest cosmetic repair technology, our team can repair plastic bumpers, repair minor damage and even repaint the affected area of your vehicle.

What’s Covered: Cosmetic repair and removal of surface marks covering up to 2 panels, provided they haven’t cut through the clear coating of the surface.

Surface Mark


Dent Removal

We remove dents!

Cars are exposed to potential damage in car parks from the doors of other cars, trolleys, bikes and even handbags. With our modern techniques, Smart members can have almost any minor dent repaired, all without the need to paint.

What’s Covered: Repair of up to 2 dents on a single panel, provided each dent is no larger than 100mm in diameter.



Side Mirror Casings

Repair your side mirrors today

Your mirror casing can easily be marked, especially when parking in tight spaces. With Smart you can have these marks and scrapes repaired at a time and location of your choice.

What’s Covered: Repair of surface marks and scrapes, colour match and repaint of one side mirror casing.


Vinyl, Leather & Fabric Seats

We can fix your vinyl, leather or fabric seats

Damage to car seats is inevitable, something like a handbag buckle can easily scratch the surface of your seats and leave an unsightly mark. With a Smart membership you can have damage repaired in a quick and costly manner.

What’s Covered: Cosmetic repair of a hole, scratch or tear in a seat, provided the damage is no greater than 50mm in length and 5mm in width and is not on the seam or stitching.


Stone Chips

Let us take care of your stone chips

Stone chips are an often overlooked area of car care where the paint across the front of the car is pitted with little white chips that can eventually lead to surface rust or peeling lacquer. With Smart, our team of repairers can remedy stone chips to bring a fresh look to your car, while also helping to prevent ongoing problems.

What’s Covered: Cosmetic repair of up to 20 stone chips to a maximum size of 3mm per stone chip.



Don't let that chip turn into a crack

Damage to front windscreens is not only unsightly, but it can lead to further problems, and be very dangerous. With a Smart membership we can repair small chips to ensure better vision, protection and safety.

What’s Covered: Repairs of up to 2 front windscreen stone chips with a maximum diameter of 3mm.


Interior Trim

Repair your Interior trim today!

Car interiors are susceptible to a range of damage with people and goods going in and out of your car every day. Something as simple as a pen can cause terrible damage to a seat. Rips and tears in door trims and even seats can be remedied with Smart technology.

What’s Covered: Cosmetic repair and re-colour of non-structural damage to leather and vinyl surfaces, or non-structural damage caused by phone installation holes, or scratches, or worn leather trim, provided that the incidence of damage is no longer than 50mm.


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Busy day ahead? No problem! We’ll come to you to fix the damage to your vehicle.

The Benefits

Enjoy a fixed low rate of just $55 per repair when you’re a Smart member.

Pricing Table

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that
Service Cost
Interior Trim $55
Windscreens $55
Vinyl, Leather & Fabric Seats $55
Stone Chips $55
Side Mirror Casings $55
Bumper Bars $55
Alloy Wheels/Hub Caps $55
Dent Removal $55
Panel Surface Marks $55